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1st Dojo Movie Night! – by Gerard Enriquez

In early September, we held our first Dojo Movie Night event. The purpose of movie night is to help build a sense of community within the dojo. To us. a dojo is more than the building that we train in, a dojo is the community of people that we train with. When we train, we […]

Visiting Chiba Sensei’s Resting Place in Japan – by Vincent Chan

The Osho-san (Temple Master) is a very nice man with a very nice Mother who will offer you tea. My Interpreter Friend called the temple to schedule my arrival two days beforehand and they said you can visit the grave anytime without donation. The donation was for formal Shinto chanting done for Chiba Sensei.   […]

The Martial Art of Food: Health and Wellness at Aikido SF – By Edissa Nicolás

On the first Sunday in April, parents, teachers, children and adult students along with Rob Sensei and Nomura Sensei gathered at Aikido SF to learn about food in our first “Wellness & Nutrition” talk. According to Theresa Thadani and Regina Gomez Aldea, awareness and prevention are the best first steps toward a healthy lifestyle and a crucial […]