How Aikido Helps Me Fall Better – by Niko, 8 yrs old. Student in our Children’s Class

After baseball practice, I was wearing my cleats. At my house, there were some mossy, slippery bricks. As I was walking to knock on the front door, I stepped back and slipped and fell backwards.

I landed in my back fall position and my head was really close to the bricks, because it was a hard fall. I think I could have hurt myself bad if I flopped.

Another time I was walking down the brick stairs and at the second to bottom stair, I tripped and fell forwards and I ended up in a push up position. The fall was so hard that I got a bruise on my forehead because I couldn’t hold myself that quickly. When I stood up and looked at my palms, my hands were bleeding. If I didn’t do that, I think I could have cracked my head.

Aikido helps me make good reflexes for falling and stuff like that.

Niko, 8 yrs. old


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  1. Edissa
    Edissa says:

    This is great. Niko is right. We can’t avoid falling, so why not prepare to fall well. What a great metaphor for life from a eight-year-old child. Proves that wisdom can come from everyone.

  2. Rob
    Rob says:

    I remember Chiba Sensei addressing all the students at a Summer Camp several years ago, sharing his thoughts and observations after watching a series of instructors conduct demonstrations. During one of the demonstrations, an instructor was performing Randori (defense against multiple attackers) and got knocked over. My initial thought was “Uh-oh, he is supposed to be controlling the attackers… Not falling down!”

    Chiba Sensei addressed this demonstration specifically and discussed how the important thing is not that you fall down…. But rather, that you get back up. It’s how you respond to a difficult circumstance that is the key.

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